Friday, March 13, 2009


One of those last winter evenings..
her version against his
They fought!
racing thoughts
pacing words
sharp tongue
heavy breath..
in hope of a soothing touch...Sudden silence caught the air...

felt yellow
she cried
damp pillow
angry eyes

The annoying silence still prolonged..
Alan Parson was playing in the background.
"Two of a kind...Silence and i....We'll find a way to work it out"

What was she thinking..
A new dress
Chole bhature!
Still crying
SLR camera
Her Birthday..he's around!
Why didnt he say that he loved her??

He spoke..(inspired he was, i guess)
He suggested a week off ( WTF.!!..where did this come from)
and told her that she bit off more than she could chew!!

Was he the same guy she knew?
She played the song louder this time...this time to herself
"two of a kind...Silence and I..We need a chance to talk things over".

They made up
The issue was still unresolved.

They talked....but he had suggested a week off!!
He showed up the next day..
The room was filled with the white glow.
So complete..
filled her heart and her eyes too.

Its still a secret..what they made up on?
but one thing which wasnt a secret at all : He loved her :)