Monday, December 22, 2008


It occurred to me that in the process of living life, if we have ingested our life- then we have lots inside...

Amitesh once asked me- "what's at the bottom of your heart?" The answer I gave him without much thought was..." lot of love"...clich├ęd it is!! Haina..?

Coming back to what is inside us?.

...So in this way there is a lot inside, that will not pass away or be lost. Love, people, places too and certain memories, certain moments. It becomes a kind of wealth and we realize that this is eternal...

The eternal is available when we step outside time and space- All that binds us to one another and to the world.

So that means what connects two people or more is actually what is inside them...regardless of time and space…

Did everyone else know this already??…and only I figured this out now!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I AM FROM --- :)

The morning skies and the night’s sleep...somewhere it was beautiful to dream big... I am glad it still is.
I am from the house at Shakti Vihar and the sunny afternoons I spent there with Aashi, Ankush, Ricku, Heena, Chintu and other infinites. :)
I am from Badi mummy’s Chidiya ki kahani (a bird’s story) and from playing on Papa’s Tummy.
I am from the fights at home with Chacha-Chachi (uncle- aunt)
I am from the Karvachauth’s night; I saw mum and dad crying.
I am from Didi who lived through and conformed in those difficult times.
I am from spilling and hiding my glass of milk here and there.
I am from from APJ and the pranks I played there.
I am from compulsively lying about my marks and obsessively participating in school tasks ;)

I am from a new house at Anand Vihar, built day after day, brick by brick with hopes and wishes to make things better.
I am from asking questions which I was told will be answered later!
I am from being different from the rest and from Famous Five to Secret seven club’s nest.
I am from complaints of being extremely talkative at school and from Anjali who still acts like a fool.
I am from Sona whom I taught to read and write and for whom a cried the day she died.
I am from Mohit who held my hand all through and mended all my mistakes.
I am from fights between Mohit and Ginny- but they taught me to Love...So ya! Retakes after retakes.
I am from Radha, who always wanted me to learn...and from Kanika didi from whom I always wanted to learn and earn.
I am from Amitesh –who is silly but still my silent anchor.
I am from mistakes like Vineet to mistaken friends like Ankit Sh.

I am from Humanities at Bal Bharati which taught me to rebel and fight for justice.
I am from good teachers like Mishra sir, Mandy, Vidya and Jacob to bad ones like Loveleen.
I am from few angels like Swati, Kritika, Chirag and Kushal who pulled me out of depression.
I am from Jausat who gave my life passion.
I am from staring at the MOON and getting wet in RAIN! and from Freud, Erikson, Piaget and James.
I am from Psychology running in my veins and Beyond Borders that kept liberating my heart and brain.
I am from Mridu and Ankit, who were more than mentors and from Sachi who showed me what is it to be a wanderer.
I am from Eesha who redefined love for me.
I am from Didi & Abhishek Bhaiya who everyday explained friendship to me.

I am from Surabhika mam who pushed me to go an extra mile and who made my passion come alive.
I am from Chandan’s CANE, love and practicality! and from a magician named ALI ‘Shady’.
I am from Aashi who i'll love till the end and with whom I grew up to be what I am...
I am from Tushu’s enigma who made me feel sisterhood and from Bhago’s purity which reminds me of childhood.
I am from Dhara who has been my pillar of confidence and from Ritu's energy & confidence.
I am from Sakshi who has been an angel in disguise and from Sana's smile radiating poise!
I am from my endless dreams and love for photography.
I am from my wish to see people flourish in democracy.
I am from Nani ma’s stories from Pakistan and from my will to take her there...
I am from Prateek who made everything beautiful and I saw magic everywhere.
I am from Swati, Ayurdhi, Remya, Nandy and our journey towards the Power.
I am from Beenu and Mehek how told me what is it to be a lover.

I am from Sushant who always loved me unconditionally and Sex Ed. Workshops which paid me marginally.
I am from Deane, the papa bear and Sahil who is full of bad jokes i fear :D
I am from Rana, who I trust & who would love me till life ends and beyond...
I am from Shubham who helped me realise what I want.
I am from a friend like Arpit who is forever my dear..and Saniya who doesnt necessarily has to be near.

I am from new friends found in Ankur , Rohan and Ruchika...and from the infinite souls who have touched my life in innumerable ways...or are yet to do so!!
I am from MIMI without who I would die and from PaPa who is the sparkle in my eye! :)
I am from my fears fighting with soothing words, spoken so ever softly...
There are voices in my head...
Yeah...there is a story untold and a life unknown...
Was it mine or yours!!??!!

My Purple Crayon

I write with my purple crayon.
and it colored my orange shoe too.....I thought it was only supposed to write!!