Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Madman's Madwoman!

She was a writer.....loved writing romantic plays...

She was beyond marvelous...naturally,she saw him in every story!!....may be this was the way she kept in touch...!!

Each story revolved around him..the characters were influenced by him..one could hear him talk in his own voice when the play was staged! It was as if her pen rolled and words came out of his mouth...his breath..his dances..his jokes..his drunken songs were present everywhere.

When she searched for herself in the memories...she could only find him, even within him!

today she was writing a Madman's Story..Her pen feels numb.

how? why? what?

She buried her face in the pillow and streams rained out. It was after a long time, she cried.
She looked at the sky...and wondered why isnt she able to see that many stars up there!
...It then struck her!...it was the madman, he used to collect pebbles from the street and today he thought of the stars as pebbles..picked them up, one by one..making the sky feel empty and void!!

Was she finally getting over him?.. did the madman pick the star in which he resided from her sky...and threw it in the ocean just to see how far does the ripple go? Was she letting him go away from her memories and thoughts!?!
The pain of living without his memories was far more than him leaving..but way more intangible... But she was reading the signs.. She was ready to move on.. she was still breathing his thoughts but now her mind was no more feeding on his painful screams.

The Madman play got staged...Successfully! There was a bright and mysterious man smiling at her from the corner of the crowded room...she smiled back, and right then she realized that it had been 5 years that day!.. that very moment he took rebirth in her writings.
She was excited to write the next script :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CANDY Tale :)

I was drenched in the shower of confetti
and the purple waves of (In)sanity.
As you poured it on my Marshmallows
I saw it turning into yellow... :)
My dreamy eyes looked like jujubes coil
just when I realised that 'Love is above all pride'.
Now that I was sure that it would snow Hershey Kisses,
Even better happened.....the rain was gum and gooey!

Yes... Yes... I believe in Fairy tails...I confessed, as I saw the chocolate rock melting
You looked at me both confused and bewildered...
making place for some sought of void unheard.

I look back at your cloudy face..
Smile to me-is all I say.

Two steps further you too felt the Rain -gum and gooey...
and then you smiled..not to me...but to my Fairy tales!!!