Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CANDY Tale :)

I was drenched in the shower of confetti
and the purple waves of (In)sanity.
As you poured it on my Marshmallows
I saw it turning into yellow... :)
My dreamy eyes looked like jujubes coil
just when I realised that 'Love is above all pride'.
Now that I was sure that it would snow Hershey Kisses,
Even better happened.....the rain was gum and gooey!

Yes... Yes... I believe in Fairy tails...I confessed, as I saw the chocolate rock melting
You looked at me both confused and bewildered...
making place for some sought of void unheard.

I look back at your cloudy face..
Smile to me-is all I say.

Two steps further you too felt the Rain -gum and gooey...
and then you smiled..not to me...but to my Fairy tales!!!


comfortably numb said...

someone seems to be no holds barred romanticism personified:D

beautiful stuff.

Luteous said...

@ saim...
hehehe... *blush**blush*

comfortably numb said...

u r being xtremely lazy:P
post sumthing!!!

Americanising Desi said...

you havent blogged in a long time i see :)
hope you keep comin up with such great stuff!

Luteous said...

@americanising desi
welcome to purple crayola.
yes..its been very long...i have been super lazy!!..and caught!..be in touch...and ill be back super soon..:))